Around the City – An Amazing Afternoon at Crayola Experience Plano


This past Sunday, like pretty much every Sunday, Scott and I looked at each other and wondered what should we do that afternoon with the kids, but not for long! I remembered that Crayola Experience had opened its doors that Friday, just 12 minutes from our house, so we checked their website out and loved all the attractions, so we got the annual membership even before venturing there.

We spent 3 whole hours in there and loved every minute of it, so I want to share our experience with those thinking about getting a membership to enjoy all the benefits of the Crayola Experience.

In terms of price, the annual membership is a GREAT DEAL for families of all sizes. Each ticket is $20, so for our family would have been $120 for just one visit. The annual membership is$30 per person, and  $180 for our whole family! We will be going there A LOT. So worth every penny! Now let me tell you about some of our favorite sections in the Crayola Experience Building.

Crayola Experience PlanoMap

Once you arrive, there was quite a long line for non-members, while for us, entry was a breeze (Yet another reason to get their annual pass). You receive a bag with 2 coins at the door. The bag is for you to save all of your child’s creations as they play, and the coins are for the crayon maker machines in the Wrap it Up section.

Wrap It Up

For each coin, you get a crayon and a label your child can personalize with their name (or any name) and a symbol. There are many colors to choose from.

Moving on, you will find many tables with coloring pages and thousands of crayons to color with. In some cases, you can make these coloring pages come to life.

Silly Selfies

In this table, kids color silly faces in a coloring page, scan it, and then look at a screen with a camera where they can see themselves being silly.

Crayola Experience Plano Silly Selfies

Be a Star

In this area, kids can take a picture of themselves, pick a background with different Crayola characters, print the page, and seat down to color it.

Crayola Experience Plano be a star1

Crayola Experience Plano be a star2

Crayola Experience Plano be a star

Drip Art

Here the kids got to pick a couple of crayons, put them inside of a machine that would melt them and drip the colorful wax as it spun over a piece of white paper. Jack and Juliet got to pull a lever to increase or decrease the spinning speed, which would produce different creations.

Crayola Experience Plano Kaleidoscope1

The Meltdown

In this table, kids can put a crayon inside a crayon-looking melting thingy that they can grab and paint with. Painting with a melted crayon is a whole different experience that smells amazing!


They have 2 playgrounds: one for older kids and one for little kids. They are surrounded by other fun activities like chalk coloring and a giant Lite Brite my little ones absolutely loved.

Your Design

In this interactive virtual studio, kids can color, scan & digitally accessorize their car or fashion design to their unique style, then show it off in the spotlight. It was fun to see their faces when their design was up on the screen!


Lastly, we stopped by their auditorium where they showed us a movie on how Crayola makes, wraps, inspects and packages their crayons. We got another crayon to take home at the end of the movie!

If you are anywhere in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, but especially in the North Dallas area, I highly recommend you visit and join the Crayola Experience.

You can buy tickets or get their Annual Passes by clicking here.

Your kids will love it and let’s face it, we grown-ups love coloring, too! If you have gone to the Crayola Experience, let me know in the comments below!

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Around the City - An Amazing Afternoon at Crayola Experience Plano

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