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Family Finances – Start investing with $5 with Stash


You work hard every day, so your family can afford all the things needed and wanted. You also work hard to manage your finances, so the money is not wasted and it’s well spent. If you are lucky and organized, you might even be saving money on a regular basis. Don’t you wish your money was working as hard for you as you work for it? I do and that’s why I decided to teach myself all there is to learn about investing our money and managing our investments to get the best return.

On my quest to learn the language, the process, the tools, I came across several blogs talking about family finances. These are people I admire: they are budgeting gurus, they are frugal, they do everything they can to increase their net worth and they share their learnings and earnings with the world. You can learn a lot from reading their blogs, but like I always say: do your own research and form your own opinions!

Most of these bloggers were recommending investing apps like Stash, Betterment, etc. I have checked them all out and they are all good, but my favorite is Stash.

family finances Stash

First of all, I need to congratulate my fellow marketers at Stash because they put together the BEST articles on finances I’ve ever read. They are simple to understand, well-timed, relevant articles. For example, they explain how the market is reacting to news and happenings, and since they know what companies I am investing in, they tailor the stories they send me to my interests. It’s exactly what I signed up for! They don’t spam my inbox with useless trash, no, they send me really helpful and useful information.

Ok, I love you guys, good job, but enough about my favorite marketers! Now let me tell you all the reasons why you should give Stash a try:

  1. They simplify investing:

    Did you know how many stocks and funds you could invest in? Let’s just say it’s an overwhelming lot. They also have the most confusing names. Well, Stash’s goal is to simplify investing so that anyone can be an investor. That’s why they hand-picked the investments they offer on the app.

    This curated list is comprised of investing themes that are well-known, approachable, and straightforward. For example, a fund called ‘First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index Fund’ is called ‘Internet Titans’ on Stash! That’s much easier to say and remember isn’t it?

    They also categorized these funds into easy to understand categories, so you can find the right funds for you based on:

    – What you believe in (with funds like Clean & Green, Defending America, Women Who Lead, Equality Works, etc)
    – What you want (with funds like Aggressive Mix, Moderate Mix, Blue Chips, Delicious Dividends, etc)
    – What you like (with funds like American innovators, Internet Titans, Wireless Wonders, etc)

  2. They are transparent

    Once you picked a fund you liked you can go to the Overview tab where you will find more info on the fund, the companies it holds and the risk level of the fund. Read the list of companies and if you see one that you wouldn’t like investing in, then try picking a different fund.

    They also provide a Performance tab with a useful graph showing you how the fund has performed the last year, the last 5 years, the last 10 years and since its inception. This is what I look at when deciding on a fund to invest in. The graph has to be going up this year and well before that.

  3. They make investing something easy to do by anyone

    Did you think you needed lots of money before you could start investing? That only wealthy people could do it? Think again! You can open a Stash account with only $5. Give it a try, see how much return you can get and take it from there. That’s what I did. My $5 turned into $5.10 and I wondered how it would do on a different fund. It did even better, so I put more money in it and kept making adjustments and diversifying my portfolio to mitigate any possible losses. And I kept on adding more money.

    You can also auto Stash, meaning you can securely link your bank account to automatically transfer money to Stash on a monthly, weekly or biweekly basis. How easy is that? And they only charge as little as $1/month to manage your investments!

  4. They help you think about the future

    With Stash Retire you can easily open both Roth and Traditional retirement accounts, save on taxes, and save up for the long run with fees as low as $2/month!

    With Stash Custodial you can open an investing account for anyone under 18. Forget useless gifts for your children and loved kids and teach them about smart investing at a young age for as little as $1/month for the first account and $0.5/month for additional custodial accounts!

  5. It’s Safe!

    Stash is a registered investment adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Therefore, they are required to follow federal regulations that protect the investor. By law, they must always act in your best interests.

    No matter what, your investments are always your investments. All Stash accounts are held by their trusted partner and custodian Apex Clearing, a registered broker-dealer regulated by FINRA. You can access your online account with Apex Clearing anytime like you would with any other bank account and you can even link it to

    Apex Clearing is a member of SIPC. This means securities in your account are protected up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash).

    Not only that, but Stash employs 256-bit encryption to protect all your information, from personal data to transaction history. They also use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to help ensure all information on our platform is safe.

    Stash accounts require a unique user ID, password, and PIN. You also have the option to use biometric recognition for account access. Additionally, session end-timers and log-in thresholds protect against unauthorized access.

    Stash software, hardware, and IT infrastructure are kept secure with multiple levels of defense. They constantly monitor the latest technologies to keep their systems up-to-date with industry standards.

  6. Easy access to all the documentation

    Stash emails you monthly Trade Confirmations and account statements, but you can also quickly access them on the app along with your tax documents. It’s part of how transparent they seek to be (and are required to be by federal law) with their investors.

If you have ever been interested in investing, but didn’t know where to start, Stash is the place to go and the app to get. Give it a try and remember I am here to answer any questions you might have about it. Let me know how it goes!

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Family Finances – Start investing with Stash

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