Frugal Halloween Party for Kids


Christopher’s birthday is on October 23, so we often celebrate it by having a Halloween-themed party where all his friends get to wear their costumes. These parties are always a big hit and this year it wasn’t the exception.

Details make a party successful, so I hit Pinterest up for a few simple, frugal ideas to make Christopher’s Halloween party very special. But you know me, I am working hard to grow our family’s net worth, so frugal is my new favorite word. All these ideas can be done with very little.

Bats Chocolate Cake

I found a similar picture on Pinterest and I immediately thought of Costco’s amazing chocolate cake. I already had the sticks (probably why they do not match LOL) and I cut the bats from a sheet of black foam. You can also print the bats using your printer and then cut them.

If you are a baker, you can probably make this cake and save more money. Although, I am not a baker, I like to bake my kids’ birthday cakes if I have time. I didn’t have time this year, so Costco’s delicious chocolate cake saved the day!

These would look cute on a Batman cake, don’t you think? Add a Batman figurine and you are set.

Pumpkin Vanilla Cupcakes

These I bought at Kroger. Christopher -and really all my kids and myself- love vanilla everything more than chocolate, so I had to have some vanilla cupcakes to complement. The orange frosting was a good complement to the dark chocolate cake. Kroger had cute little pumpkin rings to add to the tops along with some sprinkles.

Ghost Mozzarella String Cheese Sticks

These were so fun to make. All you need is a black marker and some patience because the ink is kinda runny on the cold cheese sticks. The kids LOVED these and I had some leftovers for their snacks during the week.

You can give these away to trick or treaters since they are also great treats for kids that cannot have candy or nuts during Halloween.

Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cups

I got some cups of oranges and diced peaches at the store and I draw jack-o-lantern faces right on top of where it said the expiration date. That’s why the smiles are at different levels, because the expiration date was printed at different levels on each. 

These are also great treats for kids that cannot have nuts or candy for Halloween.

Jack-O-Lantern Mini Oranges or Cuties

Same. These were also super fun to make and all you need is a black permanent marker. By the time I got to this craft, I was a little tired of drawing jack-o-lantern faces, so I only did it to a few and I think they look cute mixed in with some that do not have the faces. 

The kids loved these and I had some leftovers for snacks during the week. There are also great for kids that cannot have candy or nuts during Halloween.

Ghost Goodie Bags

This picture is from Oriental Trading’s website. I got the white bags at Party City and wanted to print the ghost faces on them myself at home, but didn’t have time! I think this is such a cute idea. 

I put donut holes inside of each of my bags. A dozen is $2, so I added about 10 to each baggie and the kids loved that in lieu of little toys they can only play with for 5 min.

Photo Source: Oriental Trading

Ghost Thank You Notes

I found this cute ghost background at a website called Kindness in Demand. I uploaded it to and added the message. If you want something similar, let me know in the comments and I am happy to show you how to do it.

I didn’t have time to print the ghost faces on the bags, but at least I already had the thank you notes and had Juliet help me staple them to the bags.

Ghost and Jack-O-Lantern Balloons

I wanted to do this so badly, but also didn’t have time 🙁 We did buy and blew up the white and orange balloons, but didn’t have time to use a black marker to draw the faces on them. 

The kids loved playing with the plain white and orange balloons anyway, so I call it a success!

Photo Source:

Spookie Music Playlist

I asked Alexa to play Halloween music, but next year will put together a playlist for kids like this one from Oh my Disney.

Photo Courtesy of Oh My disney

Spookie Movie Playing In The Background

We like having the TV playing a movie in the background because it adds to theme of the party and it is also a good activity for the kids and parents that are more introverted and just want to sit and watch. 

Most of the kids were playing and running around like crazy, but once in a while you saw them sit down to rest for a few minutes while watching a little of these movies.

Thankfully, it was a beautiful sunny day here in Texas after weeks of rain, so we had most of the party outside at the park across the street from our house. I love how frugal and fun parties at public parks are! Right next to the park, also across the street from our house, there is one of the neighborhoods pools and we have parties there too sometimes. 

Christopher had a great time and loved all the little details. If you do some of these ideas I would love to see them! Remember to tag me on Instagram as @homedreamhome or #homedreamhome, so I can see it and feature your creations!

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