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How Online Grocery Shopping Helps Me Save Hundreds Of Dollars Every Month


Hello friends! This is a fun post for me to write because I am a huge fan of online shopping. I am actually a fan of anything I can do from the comfort of my home, while barefoot. As a mother of 4 kiddos working full-time I have time and energy for, well close to nothing. The family has to be fed, though and school-aged kids, boys and girls, eat like there is no tomorrow.

But this blog post is not about how convenient online grocery shopping is. I want to share with you how using this service my family saves hundreds of dollars every month.

We are a family of 6, sometimes 7 when my mom is in town and stays with us for about 6 months at the time. Before I started buying groceries online we were averaging over $1,000/month in groceries. That is crazy! Now I only spend about $150/week and no more than $800 per month in groceries. That is savings of at least $2,400 a year!

That’s why I LOVE online grocery shopping and I wanted to share with you how I save a lot of money buying groceries online.

  1. Avoid buying unnecessary things

    It happens to all of us. We go to the store for one or two things and end up with a cart full of things we don’t really need, won’t eat before it goes bad, and that will just clutter our pantry and fridge. I grew up with very limited resources, so throwing away food makes me incredibly sad. Why waste your money on things we don’t need or won’t have time to eat?

    Groceries stores that offer online shopping like Kroger, Walmart, Amazon, etc will save your favorites: the items you buy frequently. This list is super useful because you can go through it and add to your cart the items you are low on or out off and ONLY those items.

    They also put together lists like “your sale items”, with those things you usually buy that are currently on sale. Bingo!

  2. Real-time pricing

    When you are on a budget and you go to the grocery store, you start adding up the cost on your head as you add produce and products to your cart. I would usually stop adding up after the third item because I am terrible at mathematics. Then, when I went to the cashier and I heard how much it was. Oh my! How did it escalate so quickly?

    This won’t happen to you when buying your groceries online because you can see the cost adding up as you add items to your cart. You feel more in control and there won’t be any surprises.

  3. Easily edit your cart

    In the example above, when you go to the grocery store, add a lot of products to your cart, get to the cashier and get shocked when you hear how much you own, you can do one of 2 things. You can return some items and feel embarrassed or you can assume it and buy it all, blowing your budget. I would usually just buy it all.

    When you buy your groceries online you can easily edit your cart before checking out. You can add or remove items easily, quickly and without anyone judging you! Win!

    Even when I start with the list of frequently bought items, I sometimes add other things I might want, but don’t really need. It’s ok, I’m human. I can easily edit my cart when I realize I rather pay less and save more.

  4. Clipping digital coupons is super easy

    I like saving money, but I am not a crazy couponer. I tried it and it wasn’t for me. Going through many newspapers, magazines, and direct mail, get the scissors out, save them in a little folder AND remember to bring them to every grocery trip is not my thing. Plus I hate when someone is ahead of me in the cashier line with 200 coupons and we all have to wait until they are done validating them, all to save $2.75. Nope! Not doing it!

    Stores offering online grocery shopping might show you what coupons go with the things in your cart, or they have a coupon section where you can easily clip all those you think you would ever need. This will immediately apply them to your next purchase of said products. Easy peasy! That I can do!

  5. Comparing pricing is way easier online than in person

    Another way online grocery shopping helps me save hundreds of dollars every month is by allowing me to compare what store has the best pricing for my frequent items. I put them all in my cart in Kroger, Walmart, and Amazon Fresh and decided which store I would continue to buy from. It is really hard and time-consuming to do this by going to each store.

  6. It helps me buy healthier food at better prices

    I like to feed myself and my family organic foods as much as possible, but they can be pricey. There are many organic brands, so it is important to compare the pricing. You can do this easily when you are buying online. I would type “Organic Marinara” and then pick the cheapest sauce between all the options.

  7. Time is money

    As a marketer, I charge by the hour. Even when I am under a contract or a retainer relationship I calculate how much to charge based on how many hours I expect to work. One hour spent in the grocery store is one hour spending money instead of making money. Those hours in my day when I am not making money I rather spend them making memories with my family or simply relaxing.

I get it! a lot of moms see that hour at the grocery store as “me time”. What if you could go to the nail salon during that time and buy your groceries while getting a pedicure with the money you saved by buying online? Sign me up for that!

P - How Online Grocery Shopping Helps Me Save Hundreds Of Dollars Every Month

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