Conceptualizing our master closet with Ikea’s Pax Wardrobe System


Spring is here with new greens and blooms and I am getting the urge to clean and organize. Last week I tackled the garage and all that extra space has me feeling like a champion. Now, every time I enter our master closet it’s a different story.

Our walk-in closet has standard builder-grade shelving and rods and I am done with all of it. I don’t know about you, but seeing clothes of all colors and sizes and shapes gives me a bit of anxiety. I am all in for literally ‘hiding’ the mess.

I have been looking into renovating our closet, but custom built-ins are so expensive. That’s why I turned to Ikea and found the Pax wardrobe system.

Ikea offers a tool to plan your closet system. Simply add the dimensions of the closet space and start adding frames, doors and accessories until it is a perfect size and it has the perfect functionality.

You start with the bare frames, and to keep cost down you can forget about adding doors, but I particularly love the idea of keeping clothes (all colors and shapes) behind doors. That’s why I really like their Bergsbo frosted glass doors.

The fun part starts when picking the Komplement interior organizers. Here are a few of my favorite accessories:

The Komplement drawer with glass front, for us to see what is inside and easily find clothing items.komplement-drawer-with-glass-front-white__0237825_PE377122_S4

The Komplement glass shelf, to go with the drawers above and the clean and pristine look I am going for.and the Komplement light grey boxes to organize all the things.

I can’t wait to make this project a reality and I will show you how it all loos together in our master closet. If you have a Pax wardrobe system, I would love to see it! Please let me know what you think of it in the comments. Any tips on how to keep clothes and shoes organized in it will be greatly appreciated!

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P - Conceptualizing our master closet with Ikea's Pax Wardrobe System


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