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When a year is about to end, I like to think of a word to describe the following year. My favorite word for 2019 was “Lagniappe”. It’s french for bonus. I felt as if I already had everything I wanted from life, more than enough actually: a loving husband, wonderful kids, a great home and health. Anything more than that would be a bonus I would be grateful for, but at that time I felt very fulfilled.

As I write this post, we are expecting our 5th child and hey! kids are expensive! I started wishing I could provide my family with a little more slack. I want us to live a debt-free life and collect more memories by traveling.

I started to think about maybe getting a job. What a daunting thought when you are expecting your 5th child! At the same time, I was feeling like I was wasting so much time every day scrolling down Instagram, just observing other people’s lives. Has that happened to you? I definitely had the time to do something, I just couldn’t think of anything that sparked a fire in me.

Along came Blair, my friend and personal trainer, who started sharing on social media that she had joined Monat. She said I would be perfect for this.

I have been approached by several friends selling all sorts of things over the years and my minimalistic mind has always said no. My reasons to say no:

  • I don’t like selling stuff
  • I hate selling to friends
  • The profits I could make were insignificant compared to what I could earn per hour doing marketing for clients
  • The initial investment was too much or it required me to hold inventory
  • The product was not something I felt was easily sold

Do you identify with any of those fears? They are very common barriers that I will address later on in this post.

Blair was sharing all about the amazing products and the company, but what attracted me the most was the business opportunity.

Before I tell you why I was sold on the opportunity, let me tell you a little bit about Monat. If you want to learn more about it, visit my blog post dedicated to why I love being part of this company and this brand or my blog post dedicated to why I love the products.

What is Monat?

Monat is short for Modern Nature and they sell hair and skin care products that are vegan, cruelty-free, made with all-natural ingredients. The products are high-end, so to get the best deal you have to buy from a sponsor. Sponsors are the face and hair of the brand, promoting its products on their personal networks and social media channels.

Now let me tell you 10 reasons WHY I think it’s such a great business opportunity to become a sponsor:

10 reasons why I joined Monat

  1. Everyone needs and uses shampoo and conditioner: You don’t have to ask people to change their lifestyle to buy from you. This is the most important factor for me, I am promoting something people have to buy either way. I am not promoting leggins that you might or might not wear, I am not promoting supplements that might or not impact your health. I am not promoting workouts or shakes that might or might not change your physique.
  2. Everyone wants great hair: the thing is that people are not getting great hair by using Pantene and other well-known, grocery store-bought hair products, despite how much money these brands spend to convince us that we will indeed get amazing results. Monat products do work! The real-life before/after transformations and stories are abundant and amazing! Read this post to see my favorite transformations.
  3. The products are really good: I can totally get behind a brand that sells products that are good for my hair and my skin, but are also vegan and cruelty-free.
  4. 30-day money-back guarantee: Zero risks! If you try and don’t like the products, you can always return them during that time frame. Why not try to get amazing hair if you can try it out risk-free?
  5. 1% return rate: Even when the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, they have less than a 1% return rate! That tells you something about the quality of the products.
  6. No inventory, no minimum sales: To be part of this business you don’t have to hold a bunch of inventory in your house
  7. New company, not a lot of competition: The market is not saturated with sponsors or consultants. You won’t find a lot of other people selling Monat because this is a new company, only 5 years old. This is your opportunity to shine!
  8. Family-owned: This is my personal favorite reason! Not only the business is family-owned, which means they have their hearts and lives invested in this company, but they are Venezuelans, like me!
  9. Additional income: Yes, I am doing this because of the money, but if the other factors were not in place, I would not have joined this business.
  10. Lots of rewards, free car, and free vacations: are you ready to live your best life? No other company offers rewards like Monat.

Now let me go back to the reasons I used to have to say no to all other direct sales business opportunities. I want to show you why this time was different:

  • “I don’t like selling stuff”: I don’t have to sell anything! This stuff sells itself, I promise! I started by sharing why I believed in the products and the brand and my own personal results and that was enough to get me started!
  • “I hate selling to friends”: Again, I started by just sharing my own hair care journey and my worry-free life, using my Instagram account, and my friends starting approaching me!
  • “The profits I could make were insignificant”: With 5 kids, the simple thought of working full-time or part-time is practically impossible. This opportunity provides not only cash, but also other rewards that I can earn in my spare time.
  • “The initial investment was too much or it required me to hold inventory”: As I explained above, this is not the case with Monat. No inventory is needed and the initial investment to get started with the business is only $200! And you get a bunch of great hair and skin products and business marketing tools included!
  • “The product cannot be easily sold”: Shampoo sells itself! and everyone needs shampoo and wants great hair.

Now that you know all the reasons why I decided to join Monat, why don’t you tell me your very own WHY and WHAT. I would love to hear what is it that you wish to accomplish by joining the team and why would you love to join this opportunity. If you are already with Monat, I would love to hear what were the deciding factors that took you to make the decision to join the company.

If you are ready to join me on this journey, if you are ready to live your best life, to leave fear behind and give yourself the chance to change your current situation for the better and forever, contact me at baradellmonat@gmail.com or follow these simple steps:

  • Go to my Monat site: https://baradell.mymonat.com/
  • Click the black button on the menu that says JOIN NOW
  • Click Enroll as an MP (Market Partner)
  • Search for your Market Partner: That’s me! your sponsor! Enter Maria Baradell, USA, Texas and then click Search
  • When you see my name and photo pop up, click the blue button that says Go to Enroll
  • Pick a Product Pack that is $199 or above ($199 is the minimum you need, but you do you and go big if you want to!)
  • Click Continue and enter your personal information and payment information

If you have any questions please contact me at maria@theinfluencehair.com or visit my FAQ blog post.

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